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How to Choose Miami Pressure Cleaning?

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When choosing a Miami pressure cleaning company, it’s important to know what to look for. You need professionals who know the cleaning industry and can offer top notch results. But it can be difficult to know what to look for before choosing what company to work with. Here’s what you need to know to choose a Miami pressure cleaning company.

Choose A Trustworthy Miami Pressure Cleaning Service

Before you even start looking at companies you could hire, it’s good to know the minimum standards pressure washing services need to fulfil. To legally operate in Florida, pressure cleaners must be licensed.

For Florida pressure cleaning companies, this means having a general contractor’s license such as an occupational business license or permit.

Also be sure that whatever company you choose to work with is adequately insured. Many states require pressure cleaning services to have a minimum insurance policy. At the very least, a company must be insured to cover any losses if any of their staff are injured on the job. Without cover for their employees, you might personally be held accountable for any injuries.

Ideally, however, you should only work with pressure cleaning businesses that will cover damages as well. If company staff cause damage to any of your property while busy on the job, you want to make sure the company has the means to cover the repair costs.

Avoid Pressure Cleaning Scams

It’s important to know that all the companies you approach for quotes are reliable and trustworthy. To make sure the company you work with is trustworthy, there are a few common scams you should look out for to void them.

Door to Door Sales

Door to door sales aren’t always scams, but when it comes to anything in the home maintenance industry, they often are. Some companies that aren’t properly registered and insured opt for door to door sales as a way of attracting business. Advertising door to door is a great way to stay off the radar, making it an attractive sales tactic for these companies.

Worse yet, sometimes the contractors that advertise in this way are simply individuals and not businesses.

Be careful about hiring any company that can’t provide credentials. Always ask about a company website, social media profiles and necessary licenses and permits. Never allow a sales person at your door to pressure you into making a buying decision right then and there, especially not if they ask for a deposit.

Asking for Full Upfront Payment

If you’re dealing with a company for the first time, be careful about paying for their service in full upfront. Most pressure washing services only require payment after delivering the service.

Some home maintenance companies that require full payment upfront aren’t registered businesses. In some cases, they’re simply cunning individuals who won’t even deliver the promised services upon payment.

Unusually Low Quotes

It’s important to know the average price of pressure cleaning in Miami when shopping for quotes. Knowing what the general going rate is for pressure cleaning services can not only help you avoid paying too much, it can also help you avoid scams.

To offer the most competitive quotes, some pressure cleaning businesses will send quotes that are far below the market price for their services. Once you accept this quote, there will inevitably be extra costs on your final bill. These extra costs are often blamed on “unforeseen problems”, like that your property was dirtier than expected and took longer to clean.

Of course, the company always planned to charge the higher rate they’ll bill later and simply quoted far below cost to get you hooked. This scam can be particularly problematic if you’re working with a tight budget, as you might be unable to pay their final bill, which is often considerably higher than average cost of pressure cleaning services.

Paying for Quotes

Although it’s 100% illegal, there are companies across multiple industries that try to convince you to pay for quotes. As a consumer, you have the right to know what products and services will cost before buying them. You shouldn’t have to pay for costing information either. Just like you can clearly see prices on supermarket shelves before buying, quotes should also be free. It’s your right to scope costs before making buying decisions.

No pressure cleaning service should be making money off sending quotes, as their services should be their income source. Although it does take some time to put quotes together, companies should have permanent admin personnel for this task, so there should be no “admin fee” involved in obtaining a quote.

Shop Around for Quotes

Once you know the minimum standards that a company should fulfil, shopping around for quotes will be easy. Simply do a search for Miami pressure cleaning companies and have a look through the results that come up.

When considering which companies to approach for quotes, consider the following:

  • Does the company have a lot of good reviews?
  • Does the business have a physical address listed on their Google listing, website or Facebook?
  • Can you visit this pressure cleaning company’s brick and mortar business premises?
    It’s much safer to work with businesses that have a strong online presence with full transparency. Make sure that the pressure cleaning service you choose has experience in the industry.

Be sure to ask specifically for all-inclusive quotes from every pressure cleaning service you approach. All-inclusive should mean that costs such as travel expenses are considered. If you garden plants that need to be covered with plastic wrap, also be sure to mention this when requesting your quote.

When choosing what company is ultimately best to work with, base your decision on more than just price. Yes, good prices are always great, but as mentioned earlier, low quotes can often lead to inflated bills. More importantly, be sure the pressure cleaners are experienced and established. It’s normally better to work with a business that’s been around for a few years.

What Should Miami Pressure Cleaning Cost?

Pressure cleaning prices can range depending on the type of property you’re cleaning and the size of the property. Prices can also differ depending on the area a business is located. Generally, the average cost to pressure clean a house is approximately $0.40 per square foot. However, the cost can depend on whether you’re cleaning house sidings or a driveway, for instance.

Commercial customers also generally pay less per square foot than residential customers. Although this may sound unfair, it’s normally because commercial customers have larger areas that need to be cleaned, qualifying them for the equivalent of a bulk discount.

There aren’t exact guidelines for what pressure cleaning a property should cost. This is why shopping for quotes is your best option. You can get a sense of the average cost to pressure clean your property specifically when you get quotes from multiple companies.

To make sure quotes are accurate, try to give companies reliable information. Measure the square footage of your property rather than estimating it, for instance. By doing this you avoid having to pay more then you were quoted.

While scammers often charge much more than they quote, reliable pressure cleaners can also charge more if you don’t provide them with accurate information of the work you need done. If your property larger than you specified when getting quotes, the company will charge you for the extra area cleaned. It’s as simple as that.

Knowing the size of your property also helps you avoid overcharging. You’ll be able to catch any pressure cleaning service if they try to bill you for a larger area that’s your property.


Hiring a Miami pressure cleaning company doesn’t have to be difficult. While there are some scams to watch out for, most companies are trustworthy. When choosing the best service, consider more than just price. Ensure you’re getting the best service possible and that the cleaners are experienced in handling pressure cleaning equipment.

How to Choose Miami Pressure Cleaning?

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