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Mistakes You Should Avoid When Window Caulking

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Window caulking, the process of sealing off cracks around a window with a waterproof sealant, is a simple job with a big pay-off.

A well-done caulking job can protect your home against moisture intrusion, drafts and heat leakage for many years. Completing this task now will make the transition much easier.

Before you begin, consider these common caulking mistakes so you can be sure to avoid them.

1. Not Getting the Right Product

When it comes to window caulking products, you get what you pay for. For long-lasting protection around your windows, choose a high quality caulk made from silicone or polyurethane.

100% silicone caulk or a mix of silicone and latex, is waterproof, flexible, shrink-proof and will last over 20 years. It is also commonly found in hardware stores. The downside of silicone caulk is that it cannot be painted and can give off a strong odour as it dries.

Polyurethane caulk will last from 10 – 20 years, can be painted over and adheres well. Polyurethane spray foams are heavy duty and tend to expand as they dry. This is a common option for exterior window caulking.

Less expensive options such as butyl rubber or oil or resin based caulks aren’t generally as flexible and won’t adhere to surfaces for as long. Resist the urge to save money on caulk.

2. Not Removing Old Caulk Remains

Caulk tends to harden as it ages, usually breaking away from its surface leaving moisture to accumulate beneath. Without sufficiently removing old caulk you risk leaving old moisture on the surface of the window. Use a putty knife or sharp tool to remove it.

To remove extra-hard caulk, you may choose to apply a caulk remover gel. Leave it on at least 2 – 3 hours to loosen caulk before scraping. Then clean the surface with a household cleaner or rubbing alcohol and ensure the surface is clean and dry before caulking.

Hint: to find out if you’ve missed any cracks, try the incense test. Hold a smouldering stick of incense against the edges of a window. If there’s a draft, the smoke will be blown out horizontally. If not, it will rise as normal.

3. Not Using the Wrong Applicator

The cartridge of caulk you buy from the hardware store isn’t designed to double as a tool for direct application. You’ll need a good quality caulking gun to dispense it properly. When shopping or a caulk gun, look for a model that has a comfortable grip and a smooth plunger rod.

Inexpensive guns that use a racheting plunger tend to apply caulk unevenly, making the job look messy. Cut the nozzle of the caulk cartridge to your desired bead size, pierce the inside seal, then insert into the caulking gun. Seal cracks with caulk at an even, consistent pressure, holding the gun at a 45-degree angle.

4. Using Too Much Caulk

If the crack you’re sealing exceeds 1/2 inch wide or 1/2 inch deep, don’t be tempted to simply add more caulk. Instead, fill the gap with a backer rod (a small segment of foam rope), to fill the gap before caulking over.

5. Skipping Steps

Tooling is the process of smoothing out caulk after it’s been applied. This important step ensures your job is effective and looks neat and professional. Your hands are often the best tool to use for this process. After applying a bead of caulk, run your finger along the bead to ensure it fills the gap.

Maintaining your windows is one way to ensure your home stays in peak condition through the seasons. We are the professionals you need to get the job done. Contact us today to see how we can help.

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Window Caulking
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Average Window Cleaner Cost for 2019

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Living in Miami, Florida, is like living on a Caribbean island. Full of lush tropical landscape with plenty of sunshine; however, it has its share of tropical storms. Just like any other area that is impacted by tropical storms and violent rainfall, debris and wind-spun materials can leave residue and dirt on windows once the storm is over. Whether it’s in a residential or commercial setting, all windows are impacted. This article will give you analysis of past average window cleaner cost.

Cleaning Residential Windows

Cleaning windows in a residential home can be difficult for some homeowners to reach. More often than not, the higher windows get neglected, and in some cases, even the lower-level windows don’t get cleaned as often as they should. This is due to busy work schedules, hectic lifestyles, and lack of motivation. The solution for a lot of homeowners is to have a professional window cleaning service do the work for them.

Cleaning Commercial Windows

When it comes to cleaning windows on commercial buildings in Miami, specialized equipment is required to do the job safely. Cleaning architectural glass used for lighting, structural or decorative purposes can be done safely with a variety of scaffolding and tools. There are also automation devices for extremely large skyscrapers that do the job on set schedules. Then you have professional window cleaners with nerves of steel who take on the perilous task, despite the height.

Why Commercial Widows Cost More to Clean

Prices for cleaning residential versus commercial windows in Miami will be less expensive because of the equipment and hourly rate of these dare-devils. The cost of keeping windows clean on a fully-glassed Miami skyscraper is already figured into the annual budget of a corporation. Commercial building owners will often times have a contract with a professional window cleaning service to keep them spotless. For instance, Kleanway Pressure Cleaning has numerous Miami clients and are referred more than any other business in the area for these jobs that require skill and expertise.

Past Prices for Residential Window Cleaner Costs

Depending on the height and access of a residential building and size of a window can have an impact on the hourly rate or price per pane. Below were the average contractor prices in 2017 and 2018:

1. Inside and outside window cleaning was the best deal at $5.15 per pane with a range of $4.38 to $5.97 per pane.

2. Cleaning the inside only, cost about $5.95 per pane with a range of $3.61 to $8.17 per pane.

3. Cleaning the outside only, cost about $8.65 per pane with a range of $5.45 to $11.94 per pane.

4. The average hourly rate was about $23.45 per hour.

Past Prices for Commercial Window Cleaner Costs

Cleaning windows in Miami for some commercial buildings with one or two floors can pay the same prices as residential rates; however, the higher the building, the higher the price will go. Below were the average contractor prices in 2017 and 2018:

1. Cleaning the outside only, cost about $10.49 per pane with a range of $7.49 to $15.69 per pane.

2. The average hourly rate was about $46.49 with a range of $34.58 to $56.79 per hour.

Additional Residential and Commercial Fees and Charges

Residential and commercial window cleaning means just what it says, the window only. Residential cleaning is pretty straightforward, and sometimes these extra fees for more than just cleaning the glass can be worked out for a fair price. It’s also possible to discuss everything you want to be done with your contractor and work on a fixed price.

Cleaning high-rise commercial windows is anything but simple. The pricing structures can also be complex as there are a lot of different factors involved. Insurance rates are at a premium and hourly rates for the brave are not cheap. If you factor in the cost of the power-assisted scaffolding and specialized tools as well, the price becomes clear. Additional charges and fees that can be assessed for residential and commercial window cleaning include:

  • $5.00 to $15.00 for cleaning exterior light fixtures
  • $10.00 to $20.00 for cleaning exterior window wells
  • $5.00 to $15.00 per side for cleaning skylights
  • $2.00 to $5.00 each for cleaning window frames
  • $3.00 to $8.00 each for removing storm windows
  • $2.00 to $6.00 each for screen cleaning

Additional charges could apply if the windows are filthy and hard to access or if scraping tools are needed to remove old paint and debris.

How to Choose a Good Miami Window Cleaner

Doing a quick Google search will bring up a host of information; however, it can be hard to figure out which one is dependable and trustworthy. Here are good tips for separating the fly-by-night contractors from the professionals.

  • Check the company’s performance record with the Better Business Bureau. If there’s a long list of complaints, it’s best to move on.
  • Ask for documented proof of insurance polices and licenses. If you hire a business without insurance, you could be liable for any injuries or accidents that occurs on your property.
  • Ask for a list of references and call them. You can learn a lot by what other customers have to say about a particular business. You can ask if they are dependable, professional, and polite as well as how fair their prices are?
  • You can ask them how long they’ve been in business and if their employees are trained for this kind of work. If your questions are not being answered fully, keep searching.
  • Ask about their guarantee and if they stand behind their work. Only hire a business that ensures your satisfaction before you foot the final bill.

Finding a good residential and commercial business for cleaning windows in Miami is as easy as calling Kleanway Pressure Cleaning. They’re one of the premier window cleaning services in the greater Miami area and meet all of the above criteria.

Average Window Cleaner Cost for 2019
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Clean Windows Increase The Value of your Home and Help Sell it Quicker

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Clean Windows Increase The Value of your Home and Help Sell it Quicker.

When selling your home, you cannot overstate the importance of cleanliness. Well-maintained houses that are tidy inside and out will naturally attract more buyers and better offers. A clean residence will also fetch you more money since people will automatically assume it has been well taken care of. One housecleaning task that is often overlooked is window washing; however, it should be at the top of your list for a number of reasons.

Provides the Perfect Picture

After listing your home, a real estate agent will want to take pictures. The right photographs are essential for selling any home. After all, they will appear on the agent’s website as well as in sales flyers and brochures. If your place has dirty windows, they are bound to stick out like a sore thumb. When selling a residence, the last thing you want is for it to look like an eyesore.

Get your house ready for picture day by having your windows professionally cleaned a day or two beforehand. Hiring a commercial service will free you up to take care of other details that are also important such as touching up paint. When it’s time to take pictures, you will then be prepared to show off your property.

Helps Add Curb Appeal

According to the National Association of Realtors, nearly half of all home sales are due to curb appeal. Not only that, but the right curb appeal can also increase your selling price by up to 10%.

If your home doesn’t look attractive from the street, people may not even want to have a look inside. Even after mowing grass, trimming weeds, and pressure washing your siding, your house may not have enough curb appeal if your windows are dirty. In fact, dirty windows may stand out even more if everything else is in perfect condition.

The best way to make a good first impression is to ensure your windows are sparkling clean. That means performing frequent touch-ups if necessary to remove bird droppings, dirt, and grime. Regular cleanings from a professional window cleaning service can ensure your windows always look their best.

Makes Rooms Feel Larger and Brighter

People are often drawn to homes with a bright, cheerful interior. It’s easier to make your rooms seem bigger and brighter when your windows are clean. Dirty windows can block the sun’s rays from entering, but sparkling glass will allow plenty of natural sunlight to enter.

Allowing sunlight in will automatically give people a positive feeling about your home. In fact, professional home stagers often advise homeowners to remove heavy drapes and window coverings to allow more light in.

Don’t think you can cover up your dirty windows by keeping your blinds closed. Potential buyers may want to open them anyway. If the idea of this makes you anxious, they may wonder what it is you are trying to hide.
Hiring a professional window cleaner just before a showing is the best way to ensure you are ready. Rather than worrying what others will think, you’ll feel confident showing off all your home’s best features (including its windows.)

Prepared for Open House

As part of the selling process, you may choose to host an open house. If so, be advised that guests will likely scrutinize your place more carefully than they would otherwise. The reason? It’s because they know you have been planning your open house for some time and expect you to have everything in top condition.

Large numbers of people could visit your home during an open house. To guarantee you are ready for them, schedule a window cleaning beforehand. Doing so will leave you free to handle advertising, refreshments, and other important details.

Clean Homes Sell Faster

Aside from removing clutter, having a clean home is the next most important thing when it comes to selling. That means that every surface of your home should be free of dust, dirt, grime, and fingerprints-including your windows. Even so, many homeowners frantically clean walls, floors, and counters, only to ignore the condition of their windows.

Many real estate agents claim that cleaning your windows is just as important as shampooing your carpet, washing down walls, or dusting ceiling fans. Yet many people put off this task because they do not know how to clean their windows or do not have time. If you have been avoiding window washing, it may be time to contact a professional.

Professional Services Save Time

There’s plenty to do when your home is on the market. You have to be extra vigilant about keeping your home clean and performing routine maintenance. Even the slightest repair has to be taken care of almost immediately as well.

Aside from maintaining your house, you might also have to meet with real estate agents, appraisers, or home inspectors. All of that is in addition to packing your own boxes and preparing to move.

With so much to do, when will you ever find time to clean windows? You don’t have to squeeze in time for window washing when you rely on a professional cleaning service such as ours. We offer many convenient appointments to ensure you are always ready for a showing or open house. Please contact us so you can check one more worry off of your list.

Clean Windows Increase The Value of your Home and Help Sell it Quicker
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The Truth About Storm Windows

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Storm Windows

Storm Windows

Storm windows are just as important as any other part of a window. Proper window maintenance is essential for the longevity of any window. There are many different things about these windows that are good to know.

Why Are Storm Windows Needed?

Exterior storm windows serve a variety of purposes that offer many different benefits. These protective windows are needed to protect your windows from harmful elements and can also save energy. Learning about the different types of storm windows can save time, money, and effort.

Double-Hung Storm Windows

Double-hung storm windows are made of aluminum and feature upper and lower storm window sashes. This type of window is self-stored within the window. Previously, double-hung windows feature a three-track operation but currently offers two-track functionality for a more compact design. These windows add a layer of protection to historic windows, which preserves them and delays maintenance for many years. Due to the low e-glass, homeowners can save money on their energy expenses. The aluminum material safeguards against condensation and protects wooden window sills that are properly painted.

Wood Storm Windows

Wood storm windows offer a historic appearance to your home. They are hung with hooks at the top of the window or frame clips are used to hold the storm window to the actual window. Wood windows protect the inside window and prevent the frequent need for repairs and maintenance. These windows help with energy savings when you use low e-glass, and the inside windows can be seen without the storm window obstructing the view.

Windows Without Storm Windows

Windows that do not have storm windows are bare, which means their full beauty is allowed to shine by being able to reveal full designs and sharp details. All windows benefit from having these windows. Low profile windows of this type offer sash protection and financial savings on your energy bill.

The Shape of Storm Windows

The shape of storm windows is important. In order for these windows to work properly, they must be the exact size fo the window. When the window does not match the interior window’s exact size and shape, a conflicting view is created. Filling in a window’s natural shape to fit a screen window can initially save money, but because of the corners that are cut to save money, other issues can occur, resulting in expensive repairs.

Are Storm Windows Important?

Correctly installing storm windows preserve the natural beauty of your windows, as well as, saves you money, and prevents you from making frequent repairs. These windows can increase the value of your home, which is great if you intend on selling your home one day. Even if you are not selling your home, it’s great to have a home you can enjoy without having to make repairs every two to three weeks, especially with the windows.

Here at Kleanway Pressure Cleaning, we understand the importance of maintaining your home’s beauty. We can help you keep your home beautiful by providing our pressure washing and cleaning services. Contact us today to get more information about our services and let us know how we can help you.

The Truth About Storm Windows
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Why Should I Hire A Window Cleaning Expert?

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Window Cleaning Experts

Window Cleaning Experts

Window cleaning expert? Yes, window cleaning experts do exist. Window cleaning experts, such as the ones at Kleanway Pressure Cleaning, can give your home a complete makeover simply by cleaning the windows. Hiring a window cleaning expert is beneficial for many different reasons.

Offering Exceptional Window Cleaning Service

Beautifying your home involves more than pressure washing a few areas, but we can help with that too! The windows of your home serve many different purposes, such as making your home more appealing. As experts, we at Kleanway Pressure Cleaning have the skills, techniques, tools, and knowledge to remove smudges, fingerprints, and other instances that make your windows an eye sore without leaving streaks. Many window cleaning professionals are happy with cleaning your windows with soap and water, but as window cleaning experts, we thoroughly clean your windows with our high-quality window cleaning solution without damaging other parts of your window.

Assessing the Situation Properly

You want to hire an expert instead of a professional. Why? An expert is a professional with more experience, skills, and knowledge of the job, which makes experts more likely to complete the job with the most desired results than a professional. Window cleaning experts assess the situation properly by conducting in-depth examinations of every part of the interior and exterior parts of the window. With proper examination, your windows will be cleaned properly and last for many years.

Keeping Away the Pests

Pests can be frustrating, especially in the humid Florida weather. Hornets, bees, and other insects and pests like to build nests behind window shutters, sometimes in window sills, and many different other places. Regular window cleaning can keep insects and pests from calling your residence home. Window cleaning experts will identify the pests and safely remove them so you and your family will remain safe.

Extending the Llife of Your Windows

The average lifespan of a window is between 10 to 40 years if they are properly cared for and maintained. Improperly caring for your windows or not caring for them at all drastically decreases its lifespan. Correctly cleaning windows and maintaining them improves their longevity and saves time and money. Leaving debris, such as stains, grease, and other instances on your windows causes them to deteriorate quickly. Window replacement costs depend on the type of window frame, glass pane, and other window factors, and replacing more than one or two windows will become expensive. The good news is window replacement due to improper care and maintenance can be avoided with regular maintenance and expert care.

Why Kleanway Pressure Cleaning?

Kleanway Pressure Cleaning are window cleaning experts, as well as, experts of many other things, including window and roof cleaning, and pressure cleaning. We are accredited with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and maintain an A+ rating. We are family-owned, licensed and insured, and have more than 20 years of pressure cleaning experience. To add to our expertise, our work is guaranteed and we offer honest and transparent pricing. Everything you need for us to complete the job is in your rate. We understand how important your home or business is and we want to help in any way possible. Contact us today for your free quote.

Why Should I Hire A Window Cleaning Expert?
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4 Often Neglected Cleaning Services in Miami

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If you own real estate in Miami, it is your duty to protect that real estate. If you are able to to, you will find that you will have an issue in terms of finding the right cleaning services to properly maintain your property. If you are looking for a list of often neglected cleaning services in Miami, then consider the recommendations below:

1. Miami Pressure Cleaning: Pressure cleaning is helpful both inside and outside of a property. For this reason, it is recommended that you invest in pressure cleaning for many different services on your property.

2. Window Cleaning in Miami: Window cleaning is also something that often gets neglected. Window cleaning will be something that is quite positive in terms of making the overall environment of your space better.

3. Tile Grate Cleaning: Tile is quite popular in Miami. For this reason, it is something that is often neglected with property owners. This is why it is wise to have this cleaned on your floors and bathroom counters. This will serve as a great benefit to you.

4. Reorganization Service: At times, you need to reorganize your space to make it have a better atmosphere. Thus, having someone to help you reorganize your space is a great investment for you to improve the Feng Shui in your home.

It is important that you regularly invest in cleaning services. Having the proper cleaning services will help you to have a positive environment in your home. It will also keep away common allergies and germs that tend to lay dormant in properties if they are not properly regularly clean. Thus, be sure that you take the time to invest in cleaning your property. In the end, you will feel the difference in your space and be truly elated that you did so.

4 Often Neglected Cleaning Services in Miami
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3 Ways to Clean Your Home After Your Most Recent Remodel

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It is important to complete several cleaning procedures after the contractor for your remodel has finished your remodel work. The reason for this is that there is a great deal of dust that needs to be cleaned up. If your property is located in Miami, then it is wise to consult with local cleaning companies to see which services are prospectively available to you. Here are three ways to clean your home after your most recent remodel:

1. Window Cleaning in Miami: Window cleaning is something that you should complete after your remodel has been completed. This will be something that will be quite useful to you because you will be able to remove any unwanted damages from the construction and verify whether any of the glass needs to be replaced.

2. Miami Pressure Cleaning: Pressure cleaning is a great way to allow your exterior surfaces and roof areas to look refreshed. Be sure to invest in this after the construction phase of your remodel is complete and you will be grateful that you did once you are ready to move back into your property.

3. Quality Inspection: Remodels come with certain risks. It is always wise to conduct a quality assessment to see that the measurements are what you required for your remodel contract. This way, you can be sure that you received each and every piece of your remodel that you paid for.

Remodeling your home can be quite exciting. That being said, it can be quite easy to get carried away with the remodel in a way that causes you to forget to bring the job to a full completion. Be sure to inspect the final product after cleaning the space to see that you received what you desired. In doing so you are setting yourself up for success and enjoyment of your new space.

3 Ways to Clean Your Home After Your Most Recent Remodel
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3 Essential Cleaning Services to Invest in if You Own an Apartment Building in Miami

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When one owns an apartment building, there are many responsibilities that fall upon them. The reason for this is that their tenants are entitled to certain rights that can be quite costly to maintain. Apartment building owners have to carefully calculate how they will cover these costs and still maintain a profit. Here are three essential cleaning services to invest in if you own an apartment building in Miami:

1. Miami Pressure Cleaning: Pressure cleaning will allow you to clean your exterior surfaces that may be lighter in color. During rainstorms in Miami, these will be more difficult to remove, which is why it is wise to realistically invest in several of these sessions per year in order to keep your building looking spectacular.

2. Window Cleaning in Miami: Window cleaning is something that every apartment building desperately needs in Miami. It is important to have your windows cleaned at least quarterly so that excess dirt and dust does not build up.

3. Pool/Gym Cleaning Services: Pool and gym cleaning services are essential in Miami. It is best that you have this done at least weekly or biweekly due to the fact that Miami has spectacular weather during all parts of the year. The sooner that you accomplish this, the better for your tenants to want to stay in your apartment for another year of rent.

It is important to be realistic as an apartment building owner in Miami that you will have cleaning expenses that could be quite costly. Be sure to interview several different companies in order to figure out which one has the best possible price for you. Once you do so, you will be elated at the potential difference it will make in the quality of life of the tenants, which result in them remaining loyal to your property

3 Essential Cleaning Services to Invest in if You Own an Apartment Building in Miami
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4 Areas That Are Essential to Clean in Your Home

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As a homeowner, it is essential that you take responsibility for the upkeep of your home. Doing so will enable you to instill a great deal of value in your home. If you reside in Miami, then there are certain services that will make your home retain the best sort of value possible. Bearing this in mind, here are four areas that are essential to clean in your home:

1. Windows: Window cleaning in Miami is something that is very important when you are attempting to retain the value of your home. You will enjoy the enhanced views and it will be easier to tell if there is a repair that needs to be made on the glass of your windows.

2. Flooring: Flooring is something that needs to be maintained regularly. Regardless of whether you have carpet, tile or wood, keeping your floors safe is something that is absolutely essential.

3. Roof: Keeping your roof clean is important for how long your roofing will last. If there is too much weight on your roof, then you will have major issues in maintenance in the future. Having your roof inspected and cleaned regularly is essential to retaining your home value in the long term.

4. Exterior Walls & Concrete Surfaces: Miami pressure cleaning is a wise move for exterior walls and concrete surfaces. This will help you to remove stains that may be more difficult to remove if you leave them on your surfaces for an extended period of time.

It is important that you are regularly maintaining the various parts of your home. What you will find is that you have a more pleasant space to live in while also increasing your potential sale value should you decide to sell. That being said, maintaining your home should be a source of pride for you that benefits your day-to-day life in the meantime.

4 Areas That Are Essential to Clean in Your Home
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4 Cleaning Services to Look for in Your Apartment Building in Miami

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When you are trying to select an apartment building in Miami, it is important to maintain a certain level of standards when it comes to inclusive services that the building management offers. The reality is that if you are going to pay extensive management fees, there are several services that should be included in your investment. Here are four cleaning services to look for in your apartment building in Miami:

1. Window Cleaning in Miami: Window cleaning should be included on the interior and exterior windows of your apartment. Given that many of the apartments have spectacular views in Miami, it is a must to have window cleaning. If your building offers this included in their fees, it is a major benefit to you as a tenant.

2. Miami Pressure Cleaning: Pressure cleaning is another aspect that is great for buildings in Miami that have white walls or light colored patio concrete. This should also be included by your building.

3. Gym Cleaning: If your building has gym facilities, they should maintain them. In doing so, they are also keeping the gym more sanitary for you to enjoy while working out.

4. Pool Maintenance: Many buildings in Miami have pools. For this reason, it is wise for you to invest in a building that regularly treats the pool and removes debris from the pool. This will allow you to enjoy the pool on a regular basis in Miami.

It is important to remember that apartment buildings that charge extensive fees to tenants should make their fees worthwhile. Look extra carefully when you are looking for the ideal apartment building in Miami. If you do so, you will find that you have the potential to get a spectacular value for your money that provides you with a very high quality of life while you are living in Miami.

4 Cleaning Services to Look for in Your Apartment Building in Miami
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