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4 Roof Problems and Issues Roof Cleaning Prevents

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Roof Problems

Roof Problems

Homeowners often make the mistake of skipping roof cleaning during their home maintenance routine because they assume they are wasting money. You can avoid these expensive roof problems and other issues by having your roof cleaned regularly.

1.A Decaying Roof

Debris on your roof, including leaves, that are left on your roof, soak up moisture and causes expensive extermination costs. The signs of a decaying roof include mold in the attic, sagging roof ridge, poor draining system, and decaying shingles. Due to roof decay, insects, such as termites, ants, and other unwanted pests, will make homes in the neglected part of your roof and begin to breed.

2. Getting Rid of Allergens

Allergens, such as mold, mildew, moss, and even pollen, can trigger allergies, and cause a series of problems, a few of which include, swelling, rash, and fever. These problems can range from mild to severe. Over-the-counter medication is available, but there’s no need to continuously buy antihistamine to suppress your allergy systems when you can have your roof cleaned, and save money in the long run.

3. Respiratory Issues

Due to serious issues, such as black mold, you and everyone in your home may experience respiratory issues. Black mold can cause severe symptoms in your respiratory issues, even death. Chronic symptoms of black mold include nasal and chest congestion, runny nose, severe cough, wheezing, and itchy and watery eyes.

4. Unsightly Appearance

Your roof will obtain an unsightly appearance due to mold, moss, mildew, black mold, and other things that will tarnish a roof’s appearance by leaving stains. Without a regular, proper roof cleaning, your roof will collect more debris over time, which can cause extensive damage to your roof.

Roof cleaning is an essential part of any home maintenance routine. With a clean roof, many doors of opportunity become available, especially if you want to sell your home in the near future. A clean roof boosts your home’s curb appeal and tells buyers you took care of the home. Even if you are not selling your home, you and your family will enjoy fresh, clean air, and a beautiful roof.

At Kleanway, we specialize in roof cleaning, pressure cleaning, and a variety of other services you will find beneficial to the maintenance and upkeep of your home. We are a family owned business that is licensed and insured, with over 20 years of experience pressure cleaning. We have the expertise and equipment required to give your home a fresh appearance. We know cleaning is not a favorite of many people, but it’s one of our strong suits, and we’re more than happy to help.

We understand how precious time is, and sometimes, you don’t have enough to spare at the end of the day. Kleanway is here to save the day and prevent as many roof problems as possible. When you’re ready for your home to be in the best shape it has ever been, give us a call or contact us today for a free consultation. You’re in the best hands when you’re with Kleanway.

4 Roof Problems and Issues Roof Cleaning Prevents

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