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Don’t Replace Your Roof, Clean It!

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Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Florida is the perfect breeding ground for roof algae due to the year-round warm and humid climate. Although black stains, moss, and algae make your roof an eye sore, you don’t have to replace it. The alternative to paying for a new roof is cleaning it. There are more benefits of cleaning your roof instead of replacing it. 

Make Your Home Look Brand New 

Black stains, caused by moss, algae, and sometimes mold, make your roof appear old and worn. These instances can damage shingles and other parts of your roof, causing you to pay for expensive repairs. Roof cleaning professionals use biodegradable chemicals that protect your roof from unsightly stains, marks, and growths, such as moss and algae, from growing on your roof for at least one year. 

Prevent Further Damage 

Although getting your roof cleaned is beneficial, it’s not a one-time deal. You should have your roof cleaned every 18 to 36 months. The regular cleaning of your roof ensures it stays free of dirt and debris, and prevents severe damages that lead to costly repairs. Routinely cleaning your roof extends it life, and allows it to last more than 15 years.  

Save Some Money 

Replacing your roof is more expensive than cleaning it. A new roof exceeds thousands of dollars, whereas having your roof cleaned totals to a few hundred dollars. It’s a lot smarter to improve the health of your roof by cleaning it, and saving money in the process. 

Keep an Active Roof Warranty 

It’s not safe to assume your roof doesn’t need to be cleaned because they are covered by a warranty. It’s in your best interest to keep your roof clean. Your roof needs to be properly maintained in order to keep you safe and prevent exposure to the harsh outside elements. 

Prevent Expensive Home Insurance Premiums 

Many insurance companies have someone come and inspect your home before they approve you for home insurance to see if you are a liability, which means you will cost them money. A dirty roof can have your insurance policy cancelled or denied because it’s the perfect storm for disaster. 

Decrease Energy Bills 

Moss, algae, and other buildup on a roof enable heat to build up in the attic, which causes your air conditioner to work harder to cool the entire home to a specific temperature. As a result of your air conditioner running longer and working harder, your energy bill will skyrocket. 

Increase the Value of Your Home 

A clean roof increases the value of your home. This is great if you plan on selling your home or just want your home to be as valuable as possible. When you’re selling your home, buyers want everything to be as perfect as possible, and this includes your roof. If you want your home to be the most valuable home on the block, a clean roof will make your home stand apart from the competition, and can increase your home’s value by hundreds, even thousands of dollars. 

Kleanway Pressure Cleaning is a company and name you can trust. All of our professionals are licensed and insured. We are more than happy to share our roof cleaning techniques and clean your roof to preserve its beauty. Contact us today to get your free consultation! 

Don’t Replace Your Roof, Clean It!

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