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6 Reasons to Regularly Have Your Roof Cleaned

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Roof Cleaning


You want your home to be as clean as possible, and a clean roof is a great place to start. These 7 reasons to have your roof cleaned will make you wonder why you didn’t invest in this service sooner. 

1.Stop Further Damage 

There are many different roof-staining organisms that can severely damage your roof, and the wooden deck under it. Organisms, such as lichens, algae, and moss feed on the organic material found on your roof. The longer these organisms feed on your roof, the weaker the roof becomes, and the more damage your roof sustains. 

  1. Prevent Wood Rot

Wood rot is caused by organisms eating through the shingles on your roof. Once these organisms reach the roof deck, wood rot will become an issue. Along with wood rot, mold can become another problem. As wood from the roof deck rots, moisture can get in through cracks and crevices, which is an ideal breeding ground for mold because it is damp and dark. Mold grows rapidly and causes health problems for people living in the home, including pets. 

  1. Avoid A Cancelled Homeowner’s Policy

Having a dirty roof puts you at risk for losing your homeowner’s policy due to becoming a risk. Many insurance companies urge homeowners to keep their roof clean while other insurance companies require it. In some instances, you will have one week to get your roof cleaned or face the consequences of losing your insurance policy completely. In the event you lose your insurance policy, it will be difficult to get insured with another insurance company due to high premiums. 

  1. Help Your Roof Reflect Sunlight

Your roof needs to reflect sunlight to avoid your attic from heating up and increasing utility costs. Increased utility costs are due to your cooling system constantly trying to keep the entire home at a specific temperature. When shingles are covered in algae, heat is absorbed, and begins to quickly heat your attic. 

  1. Save Money

Having your roof cleaned saves money. Making repairs to your roof or getting a new one is expensive, and it’s money you should keep in your wallet. Having your roof cleaned regularly helps you save money by preventing you from paying for new roof installation. 

  1. Keep Your Home Beautiful

Reveal the beauty of your home by keeping your roof clean. A clean roof is the final puzzle piece to a beautiful home. Your home is an important investment. Keep it in its best condition by practicing proper roof maintenance techniques and cleanliness. 

We can get the job done in a timely manner so you don’t have to spend countless hours trying to clean your roof. We are professionals who are ready to help you! Contact us today to schedule an appointment. If you’re not ready to schedule an appointment, we can give you a free appraisal! There has never been a better time to have your roof cleaned and improve the appearance of the outside of your home. We are waiting for your call and ready to help. 

6 Reasons to Regularly Have Your Roof Cleaned

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