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Roof cleaning is the process of removing dirt, algae, and moss from roofs. Roof cleaning extends the life of your roof, thus preventing premature re-roofing. A stained roof is not only a cosmetic issue, decreasing the exterior appeal of your home, the algae that grows on your roof slowly spreads, feeding on the limestone filling on the shingles and surrounding moisture. It only takes one spore that gets a good grip on your roof to start the process. This shaves precious years off your roof, accelerating the need for replacement, and hinders the effective deflection of UV rays and heat, coming at great extra expense. This expense could easily be avoided.

When discussing the benefits of roof cleaning overall, it’s of equal importance to look into the methods used. High pressure roof cleaning will wreck your roof. Shingles are fragile, being composed of many thousand to tens of thousands tiny granules and, while pressure washing will remove some stains, it will also remove parts of your roof. This would be, of course, counterproductive. Non-pressure chemical methods, or soft washing, are by far the best way to clean your roof. Through these methods, chemicals that are properly diluted are sprayed on the roof. Then, a rinsing process is used to remove any chemicals and residue remaining. These methods ensure that your roof is both protected from damage and restored to its former glory. Our roof cleaning solution contains a mildewcide that prevents mildew from growing back, to give your roof a longer lasting clean.

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