Palmetto Bay Roof Cleaning


Looking for a roof cleaning company in Palmetto Bay, FL.?

What do moss, mildew, lichen, dirt, ash, foliage and algae have in common in South Florida? They’re all found on your roof. Roof cleaning is one of our specialties. We recommend you use our professional services so that you don’t experience any damage to your property or person. We wear protective equipment that allows us to be safe from both slips and falls, as well as the mechanical and chemical process. It doesn’t matter what type of roof you have. 

We clean them all. We can pressure clean all types of roofs, and if you have a house that is surrounded by trees, know that debris from them will settle on your roof. This material will act like a sponge, collecting moisture. Your roof will not remain dry. The process will attract moss, and shorten the useful life of your home’s roof. 

The integrity of each piece of tile will be destroyed. The moss first creates small hairline cracks along the overlapping tiles. If left untreated, then the roof will develop missing pieces. Roof algae (Gloeocapsa Magma) is algae that actually thrives in the warm, humid South Florida climate. 

It normally first appears on the North slope of your roof. It appears as black streaks. The black color is due to organisms that the algae create to protect itself from the ultra-violet rays of the sun. When these streaks appear, they have been in place for many months or perhaps years. 

Once these algae are attached to a shingle roof, for example, they break down the shingles. The ceramic granules that protect surfaces become loose and fall off. This causes premature damage to your roof, and also diminishes its ability to reflect heat. Your cooling expenses increase, and your home’s value decreases. We recommend a pressure cleaning to remove the fungus, dirt and algae. Your tile’s life is enhanced, and this prevents damage to the metal trim and vents that are parts of your roofing system. Tile roofs are normally cleaned every other year if they are white. If they are colored they are cleaned every third year. Shingle roofs are cleaned at intervals between 5 and 7 years. Metal roofs also require regular cleaning to maintain their natural shine. We recommend that your pool decks and cages be cleaned annually. Pool screens are cleaned by our low pressure equipment to avoid any damage. Most screens last 7 to 11 years before replacement is necessary. A milky white or gray weathering is a sign of an aged screen. You can prepare for our cleaning by watering around your plants before pressure washing begins. It’s best to do this the evening before our scheduled pressure cleaning. If you have small potted sensitive plants, just move them away from the areas to be treated. Of course all vehicles need to be moved away as well. We have been providing first-rate roof cleaning services for many years and have a commitment to unsurpassed professionalism and service. We have a well-deserved reputation of providing a superb level of service with high value. We offer reasonable prices, and customer satisfaction. We are fully licensed and insured. Call us today for a free quote on your property.