Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning Kendall

Looking for a roof cleaning expert in Kendall? We clean all roof types, including shingle, tile and metal roofs. We also don’t use high pressure, which can damage your roof. Instead we use a ‘soft wash’ technique that uses special chemicals to rid your roof of mold, mildew and debris. Contact us today for a free quote! 

Why is roof cleaning so important? Simple – the roof is what keeps you safe and its regular maintenance can help you detect any repairs as well as increase its lifespan. Here are more reasons as to why roof cleaning is important. 

Give your home a new look Compared to the exterior walls of a home, the roof stands out due to its color, shape and size. It is easily visible from the outside and a faded, dirty roof makes your home look unkempt and ugly. No matter how neat and clean your house is in the inside, the impression that people get by looking at a dirty roof is not going to be good. 

When your roof turns black Has the color of your bright red or green-colored roof become black? This happens because of the algae buildup on your roof. Understand that the color black is not caused by just any type of fungus or mildew. It is caused by roof algae that can spread from one roof to another through wind. The stains on a single tile can quickly become random patches and can cover the entire roof in no time, if they are not attended to immediately. 

Roof algae can damage shingles Algae is a big problem for Kendall residents. Roof algae that settle on the roof can also damage the shingles and lead to rotting of wood. A weak roof can further get damaged during storms, hailstorms, and even heavy rain, causing leaks. Also, debris on the roof leads to stagnation of water, and prevents excess rain water from draining as it should. A weak roof can also collapse if ignored in the long-run, jeopardizing the safety of those inside the home. 

Energy efficiencyThe roof is what protects you round the year from the harsh South Florida sun. If the roof is not as strong as it should be, it will not be able to protect you as it should. A solid roof can be equipped with new systems that improve the energy efficiency of your home. A weak roof, on the other hand, will only make summers hotter and winters colder, while during the rainy season, you will be struggling to keep water out of your home.

  Hire a professional roof cleaning company in Kendall, FL Roof cleaning is not an easy task, especially if you do not have the right kind of tools for it. Unless you are experienced in this type of task, it is best to hire a professional roof cleaning service to ensure that the top of your house is clean and free from any damages.