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Your roof is always under constant attack. In Aventura, the main culprits are the sun, rain, moss, algae, mold and lichens. These fungal growths have to be addressed on a regular schedule or they will wreck havoc on your home’s condition, value and energy costs. We have the experience to use the right pressure, the right solutions and the perfect technique to successfully handle all types of roof tiles. Different problems require different solutions. We clean your roof and restore it to pristine condition with a full customer guarantee. The benefits of soft washing are many. If left alone, algae and the other plants that are left upon an untreated roof structure will literally eat away at the base of your shingles. 

They’ll loosen foundations and leave your roof prone to damage by water. A roof that should have lasted 25 years may last only 15 years if not properly cared for. Fungus and algae also attract moss. Moss roots can work into the woods of your decks or any wooden structure. If you have algae growth on your shaded areas of your roof system, this causes the roof to deteriorate and rot. Florida’s concrete and clay tiles that are near the ocean are especially subject to algae problems. During the winter these spores and fungus remains dormant, emerging again in the spring. Statistically, it’s a fact that 40% of your curb appeal actually comes from the roof of your house. 

If you have a stained roof, that’s a red light to buyers. In seconds they’ll determine they don’t want that home. Buyers don’t want the immediate expense of a roof removal when they’ve just spent the rest of their money on a home purchase. The alternative, a roof replacement, costs an average of $12,000 in the our state. Energy costs are a monthly savings you’ll enjoy after our roof pressure cleaning services. When you have mold, fungus and algae, they cause dirty streaks on your roof and due to the pigmentation, that’s more energy absorbed.

 The roof cannot properly reflect light. This leads to higher roof temperatures, and your air conditioner is working harder than it has to. Your home is not able to deflect heat adequately, and thus you’ll experience rising energy costs. We solve that. Safety is our goal. Not just the safety of our men, but we’ll guarantee you that we will not damage your roof. Instead of using pressure which can damage your roof, we use chemicals to gently remove dirt, mold and debris. We operate with crews who are fully certified and trained. If you have nearby plants, we water them and then cover them before the process even begins. We are environmentally friendly. We look forward to the opportunity to be your roof cleaning specialists. Just give us a call for a no-obligation estimate.