Pool Enclosure Cleaning in South Florida

Keep that pool screen clean! There are several factors to consider in keeping your pool screen and aluminum clean in sunny South Florida. First of all it is unsightly! But that is not the main reason to keep it clean. Mold deteriorates you screen. Ever price having your pool rescreened? It is several thousand dollars. 

Why not make it last as long as you can? Mold holds moisture and moisture promotes decay, it is simple as that. Mold also eats away at the fibers that your screen is made of causing it to become fragile and tear. In addition, mold left on aluminum will eventually penetrate the paint leaving stains that are difficult to remove. Keep it clean to eliminate these issues. 

We use our soft wash procedure with a very low chemical concentration and low pressure to whisk away all your mold and dirt, without damaging your screens and aluminum. Whether it’s your cross bars, your screens or the deck itself… we can have your pool area looking like new again! Our cleaning process is safe so you don’t have to worry about screens being blown out or any paint peeling off the deck. 

We’ll make sure the back of your house look great. If you have a screened enclosure in South Florida, you know how quickly mold can accumulate over the years. Cleaning these ugly stains is one our specialties at Kleanway. We have a special technique that thoroughly cleans all of that mildew, algae, dirt and grime so that your enclosure looks sparkling clean again. So call us today. 

We will provide quality, friendly and affordable service to make your enclosure look brand new again. Our recommendation is that you have your pool or patio enclosure professionally cleaned once-per-year. Is your enclosure due for a cleaning? Call today to schedule an appointment.