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6 Ways You Can Improve the Longevity of Your Roof

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Longevity of Your Roof

Longevity of Your Roof

The roof is an essential part of your home. Without it, everyone and everything in your home are exposed to the outside elements. A properly cared for roof will last many years, protecting you and your family, and belongings. Continuous practice of these tips will help improve the longevity of your roof.

1.Routinely Clean the Gutters

Routinely cleaning the gutters of your home is important for preventing water damage to the lower part of the deckboard. Water damage can destroy your home from the outside, causing major damage and expensive repairs.

2. Remove Roof Debris

Tree branches, leaves, sticks, twigs, and any other similar items that can potentially cause damage to the roof is known as debris. Such debris can clog gutters and collect along roof valleys.

3. Schedule A Professional Inspection

You should have your roof inspected every two to three years or as soon as you feel you need to. It’s best to have small repairs made instead of spending an astronomical amount of money on making repairs all at once. Doing so will be more expensive because damages worsen when they are left unattended. Resealing weak spots can save you a lot of money on repairs.

4. Attic Ventilation Is the Key to Success

As a homeowner, it’s easy to forget about many things, such as attic ventilation. Attic ventilation is important for the longevity of your roof due to premature aging. The temperature in the attic can become much hotter than the temperature outside. Temperatures in the attic can exceed 150 degrees Fahrenheit due to improper or no ventilation at all. The excess heat can cause roof shingles to rapidly decay, making your roof vulnerable to other damages.

5. Invest In Insulation

Insulation is more important than you may think. Proper ventilation not only improves the longevity of your roof, and helps keep you and your family comfortable, as well as, reduce energy expenses. If your roof is not insulated, the good news is insulation can be added to an existing roof structure.

6. Clean Your Roof Regularly

Cleaning your roof is an important part of roof maintenance because it helps improve the longevity of your roof. If part of all of your roof receives a lot of shade, algae growth can quickly become a problem because the algae feeds on microscopic particles found in linestone on shingles. It often appears as unsightly black, green or dark green stain.

7. Pay Close Attention to the Sounds on Your Roof

High winds can damage your roof, causing flashing to become damaged around the vents and chimneys. A lot of the time, you can hear noises from your roof at night once everything is still. These noises vary from a scurring sounds to scratching sounds. These sounds are an indication that your roof may having curling, loose or a few shingles missing. If you hear these noise, contact a roof contractor immediately.

Kleanway Pressure Cleaning understands how important a roof is to a home, and we want to help you keep it in the best condition ever. Improving the longevity of your roof increases the longevity of your entire home. Contact us today to have your roof professionally cleaned. We’re always glad we can help!

6 Ways You Can Improve the Longevity of Your Roof

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